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Its that time again folks, Make Lemonade has been working hard to bring to your screens some interesting and fun interviews. This month we have Shini of fashion/life blog Park & Cube. Now I discovered it early last year, and was instantly hooked. Shini is original, her blog posts and site is not only well designed (she is a CSM graphic design student) but her posts are interesting and totally unique to her.

Here she spills about her life as a student in London and her World War obsession?! (Also Shini if you are reading, I would love for us to make some lemonade!)

You are currently…… (drinking/eating/sleeping/wearing etc..)

Eating… cream crackers with cream cheese and sweet & sour sauce, one of many guilty pleasures in life that frequently replace one of the major meals of the day. This one being dinner.

Park and Cube has been followed by Make Lemonade for some time now, and it is obvious to see it is somewhat different to the usual blogs we see, what was the catalyst behind it? was it for work or pleasure?

First, thank you Make Lemonade! Let’s make some lemonade together soon, yes? (sorry.) Park & Cube is ALL for pleasure. It pleases me greatly and I’m satisfied with it so I don’t beat it when the soup is salty. No, the blog is a hobby for me, another reason that I ban advertisements on the face of the blog, or refuse to review a product irrelevant to the blog or my interests for compensation. I think the fact that my future is not hanging by it success or failure makes it more fun than anything.

You are currently a student at St Martins studying graphic design, what made you choose this degree?

I’ve been living online since I was 13, making websites and fan-sites of Christina Aguilera, then got a job as a web designer when I was 17. Graphic Design seemed an obvious choice after that, I mean, anything to avoid essays and maths!

As a young girl Make Lemonade had always wanted to be really successful but wasn’t sure how, she knew there was a suit and heels involved (overly influenced by Working Girl I say) What was your dream job as a child?

This may sound weird but I think it was because of my Christian background I didn’t think much into success and money, naive, I know. My dream job was a police woman or caring for animals. Both jobs I think I’d take in a blink if I were ever presented with an opportunity.

You have a flare for fashion will you seek a career that mixes graphic design and fashion?

Looking at where I’m standing now, definitely a career that mixes both - but more towards graphic design than fashion. I know myself, it’s predictable that I will become very materialistic in the fashion field and as a Christian that’s not how I want to become. If I could get a job in a magazine promoting fashion’s artistic and creative values instead of the selling & money values, then that would probably tick both boxes (fashion & graphic design) of interest.

Apart from uni work what else are you working on? do you have any exciting projects in mind for 2010?

I do actually, I’m not so willing yet to share since it’s in its infancy, but I’m trying to get a lot of bloggers together around the world in one publication. This will probably link with my degree show if I do decide to dedicate 3-4 months into this!

Your blog posts are usually frequented by knitting, tell us a bit more about your love affair with the object that is a ball of yarn and the clicking of needles?

I started knitting when I was in my Foundation year at CSM, it was required of students that were aspiring to illustrate, to make dolls for their characters. I thought I’d need a doll-making skill one day so I got my mother to teach me the basics and off I went from there - funny, I can’t even illustrate.

As a creative in London what are the best things about living in the city? Will you always be here? What other cities do you wish to explore?

Unfortunately as much I wish, I won’t be staying in London for more than 5 years. I will surely end up back in Warsaw, but otherwise I desperately want to explore Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

As most girls you seem to have a slight addiction to nice shoes, could you draw us a quick sketch of your ideal shoe? Who would it be made by?

I can’t illustrate! I do think my ideal shoe would be made by Chloe - wedges, lots of straps, a platform and a round toe.

You mention on your FAQ’s that you are a WW history geek, where did this interest start? Is it something you use as inspiration in your own work?

My war interest started out of nowhere, before GCSE’s definitely - probably links with my dream job being a police woman too. It surely does inspire a lot of my graphic design work, 70% of my uni projects were based on WWII propaganda, battles and information graphics during the war. I’m still looking for a good connection with WWII and fashion, beyond the obvious uniforms.

Other than blogs where else does your mouse visit on a daily basis?

My mouse snoops around at graphic design/web design blogs and stocks up knowledge on new techniques and interesting things. This knowledge is never transferred to me though, that rodent! But yes, I do a daily round of design blogs such as and also a dose of humor from

Where in London or the world lets keep it broad.. do you most like to
a) eat? SOHO
c) play? SOHO? no I’m not this crazy about Soho, just had to make b work. Hm, I do love eating in the Soho district, there’s a great homey diner-y place called the Stockpot, good wholesome cheap food. In London love sleeping at home, I think. As for places to play, I find the backstreets of central London the best playground. Snooping is a habit of mine, and obviously I don’t do it where it’s prohibited (…well) but there are so many interesting corners of London you can’t find in guidebooks. The backstreets of Covent Garden are especially fun for example.

If you could sum up the most inspirational person in the world to you, what one word would you use and who is it?

I don’t yet know this person, but one word would be loving.

And Finally, and most importantly, if you could have all the lemons in the world what would you do with them?

Juggle all of them at once without turning the floor into lemonade?

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