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A young girl in Love with all things french, and Bridget Bardot. Here Kirstie of La Fille Anglaise gives us a little insight into being an aspiring fashion student and all things bow related!

What drew you to blogging and why the name La Fille Anglaise?

From around the age of 14, I was always intrigued with blogs. I read many from street style to celebrity style and found much inspiration, I suppose creating my own blog was a way of attempting to inspire others. I have an infatuation with everything French, the only downside being I am in fact English so I named my blog “La Fille Anglaise” meaning the English girl, I also think its sounds far more sophisticated in French.

Where do you draw inspiration from? How do you decide what to blog about?

I find collections and trends prove the biggest influence. I am also inspired by cities and architecture, and of course my icon Brigitte Bardot! I’m not really certain whether my blog has a particular style although if I see something that inspires me such as an editorial, I like to pass that inspiration on through the use of my blog.

How are you involved in fashion other than blogging? or is it just a hobby?

I’m currently studying fashion at college and will soon be studying art at London College of Fashion. I’m not involved in fashion as such yet but whilst I try to get there, my blog is maintaining my enthusiasm for the industry.

If you could sum yourself up in one picture what would it be?

If I could sum myself up in one picture, I’d have to say I’m simply a girl with a pretty style and an evident love of bows.

You have two of Make Lemonade’s favorite films up on your blog, 500 days of summer and Los Abrozos Rotos, what about these films do you love, is film and cinema another one of your main likes?

500 Days of Summer is a new favourite of mine. I love the concept of it not being a conventional love story and I like the heartbreak point of view from the guy, it’s a refreshing film amongst the many rom-coms released. I love Los Abrozos Rotos mainly due to my love of the director Pedro Almodovar. He has a certain way of creating films that captivate you and the way he plays on tragedy, relationships and romance is enthralling, another amazing film of his and my favourite is Todo Sobre Mi Madre. Film and cinema is definitely another one of my main likes, especially foreign cinema!

 If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?

If I could be anywhere, I’d love to be in Barcelona. I find it such a captivating city and the architecture by the likes of Gaudi as well as the art such as Joan Miro never fails to inspire me. I quite like the warm sunny climate too, much more than the British weather!

You seem to have a love for vintage, you mentioned Make Lemonade as one of your favorite shopping destinations online recently, what about vintage do you love, what era’s do you usually go for?

I love vintage because I find the thought of having a unique piece no one else has exciting. I live in a city where everyone dresses the same, for me vintage is a way of expressing my style. My most preferred era is the 1960’s. Considering I’ve had an obsession with the era since the age of 13, it’s easy to understand why.

What magazines do you usually read and why?

I read many fashion magazines, and spend far too much money on them! My favourites have to be i-D, Love Magazine ad Dazed & Confused. I also love Vogue Paris and Jalouse although I look rather than read as I don’t understand French.

What other blogs do you read?

For personal style, my favourites are am-lul’s closet, style bubble, the face hunter and trendy crew. I like coco’s tea party and miss at la playa for the way they combine so many aspects such a celebrities, trends and art. Other favourites are the knight cat, starbucks and jane austen and urban and trendy.

and finally, if you had all the lemons in the world, what would you do with them? 

Such a difficult question, I’m not quite sure. I’d most probably use them to make a lot of lemon tea!

Thanks Kirstie! the Lemon tea sounds very refreshing you will have to join me for a picnic some time!

Here is Kirstie’s Twitter and Blog


Last week I was lucky enough to visit the new Levi’s flagship store on Regents St. Admittedly I didnt go with any pre-conceptions or prior research, so what we found was of great suprise and slightly refreshing! 

 The store launched with a new selling point and message in mind. Step in through the large glass doors and you are welcomed by an exhibition type space, showcasing some of London’s youngest and most up-and-coming talent, from mucisians to designers, its an interesting browse around the “craftworkers” stories and work, puts you in quite an inspried mood to take in the rest of the store!

Through wooden shutter type doors you then come to the actual store, unlike many stores around Oxford Circus and Regents St, it isn’t filled to the brim with product. a less ‘in your face’ approach has been taken to enable customers to browse outfit types and denim styles in their own time. a more traditional take on the furnishings and stands, come from factories and industrial environments, some parts take inspiration from aviation and pharmaceutical carriers. 

Levi’s has made conscious effort to educate its consumers about their history and with indigo dye in glass cases and a rare vintage finds, that is their 100 year old jeans on display, you get a feeling of progression and strength in identity from the brand.

I saw a few on trend pieces in the ladies section including the much desired denim shirt with a twist for this season, I may have to pay it another visit now that its is open to buy!

Levi’s® re-crafted store details: 
Address: 174-176 Regent St, London W1F 7BH
Phone: 020 7292 2500…

As you know from my previous post I spent the evening at a ceilidh, we danced and dosey-doed and towards the end of the night, once the effects of alcohol had well and truley set in, we got down to discussing the important issue that it Style vs Fashion.

I being a total Sartorialist geek, decided to back up my thoughts with Scott’s philisophy about clothing, and the concept behind his pictures…for those of you who flick through street style blogs, you will know that most of them contain pictures of men and women who are clad in the latest shoes, dresses,coats, bags etc.. yet the Sart likes to take pictures of those few who take the definition of dressing to its ultimate level. That is, wearing their clothes rather than letting their clothes wear them. Rather than walking around like giant coat hangers, Scott shows the few who genuinaly have confidence and an individual style.

In my opinion the key to achieving this confidence and ease of dressing in life, is to follow your gut, wear what you think looks good not what the Elle editorial thinks. Taking inspiration from magazines and in store mannequins is great, but in my experience, trying on everything and anything you fancy, is the perfect way to learn what suits you and what doesn’t, leading to the discovery of your own style all by yourself!

Someone very close to me has a famous quote..”mmm no I don’t think its my style” I think this is one of the worst combination’s of words ever!

Point 1- Who says its not your style, that is something you determine yourself!

Point 2- Everyone has the right to dress exactly how they like regardless of age or gender, If you wear it with total confidence then you probably look goddamn brilliant!

Point 3- Being closed minded when it comes to dressing is never going to help your own personal style, being stylish and timeless means moving with the times, be open to new ideas!

I hope my ‘preaching’ hasn’t bored you all to death, would be great to get some feedback on what you all think?…..

"Style is primarily a matter of Instinct"-Fashion Week NYC (via twitter)

Its that time again folks, Make Lemonade has been working hard to bring to your screens some interesting and fun interviews. This month we have Shini of fashion/life blog Park & Cube. Now I discovered it early last year, and was instantly hooked. Shini is original, her blog posts and site is not only well designed (she is a CSM graphic design student) but her posts are interesting and totally unique to her.

Here she spills about her life as a student in London and her World War obsession?! (Also Shini if you are reading, I would love for us to make some lemonade!)

You are currently…… (drinking/eating/sleeping/wearing etc..)

Eating… cream crackers with cream cheese and sweet & sour sauce, one of many guilty pleasures in life that frequently replace one of the major meals of the day. This one being dinner.

Park and Cube has been followed by Make Lemonade for some time now, and it is obvious to see it is somewhat different to the usual blogs we see, what was the catalyst behind it? was it for work or pleasure?

First, thank you Make Lemonade! Let’s make some lemonade together soon, yes? (sorry.) Park & Cube is ALL for pleasure. It pleases me greatly and I’m satisfied with it so I don’t beat it when the soup is salty. No, the blog is a hobby for me, another reason that I ban advertisements on the face of the blog, or refuse to review a product irrelevant to the blog or my interests for compensation. I think the fact that my future is not hanging by it success or failure makes it more fun than anything.

Read More

Heres a little post about the Make Lemonade SHOP by cute blog: Discotheque Confusion. loving the romantic themes and Alexa style blog posts, defiantly worth a look!


After a successful interview with the lovely and talented Mademoiselle Robot, I decided to start a Make Lemonade tradition, one that I hope you will all enjoy!From now on there will be a monthly interview on the blog, with either a creative, blogger, designer, artist etc.. For January I have a rare treat the lovely Taghrid Chaaban of Taghrid CC.

The style blogger has been one of my favorite online destinations for a while now and it was great to gain an insight into her likes dislikes and outlook on life, here she spills on her ways to relax and reading law suit cases..

Your blog has become one of the most visited sites for style and trend inspiration, did you imagine that would happen?

No way! I’m really excited people have shown me so much love and support, and really appreciate it!

What was the reason behind you starting a blog?

Well, I was just about to graduate business school, and I was looking for something totally new and fun to do. Right around that time I had begun reading a few blogs and I thought “hey, I want to make my own” and voilà!

How do you decide what to blog about?

I decided to have a personal style blog with mostly outfit posts because I wanted to show how a real working girl on a real small budget shops and dresses herself. Magazines are beautiful, but I can’t afford outfits featured in editorials. I know there are tons of girls like me out there and I wanted to have content that was relateable to them.

Have you always been involved in fashion? Other than blogging are there any interesting projects you are involved in, in the fashion world?

Early 2009, I started a new and very exciting job as a stylist and photographer at one of my favorite companies, American Apparel. And I’ve always had little side projects designing jewelry and accessories.

Who or what in life inspires you the most?

My mom is my biggest inspiration, she is a really strong woman who taught me to go and get what I want done. I wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for her.

What is the first word you think of when you read each of the following…

Anna Wintour: Strong 

Shoes: heels 

Lemonade: sweet

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be and what would you be doing?

I actually would be right here in LA doing what I’m doing now! But, I’ve been very wanderlustful lately and really wish I could travel all over and just see the world!

Other than fashion what are your interests?

I like art, photography, business, and reading law cases. Weird I know, but it fascinates me!

What’s your ideal way to escape the strains of work and relax?

Thai massages, hiking and rolling in the grass at the park, watching French movies circa 1960, Mani/Pedis, and just hanging out with good friends. Sometimes I do all of these things in one day.

Snow or sea?

What’s your current play list?

I’m not a big music buff, I like the same songs I’ve always liked! Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, the Cardigans are a few artists I can’t get enough of.

You are pictured wearing different flats and heels in your posts quite often could you tell us how many pairs of shoes you own?

93 pairs was my last count. I have no where to put them all though!

If you could have been part of any historical moment in time what would it be and why?

I wish I could have been a part of the Oslo Accords and peace process talks, things could have been done differently to create a real peace.   

Finally what does 2010 hold for you?

I’m not sure but hopefully I’ll get to accomplish a few goals and spend time with the people I love. 

Read Taghrid’s Blog here:


Meet Mademoiselle Robot, she is a journalist/editor who not only runs a cosy home life with her daughter but has a busy time with her style blog. MR spreads tips and hints on beauty and style to women from around the globe, She is originally from Paris, but is now living in London, adding a hint of Parisian chic to everything she does, here she tells Make Lemonade about Parmesan cheese and her new projects for 2010…

You are a lady of many talents; you have written a book and are filming for the Fashshot Studio, tell us a bit about these projects. What inspired the book? How did you get into the Liv Tv project?

The book - I wanted to do something meaningful to celebrate 2 years of my blog, so I decided to put together some of the interviews I had done and compile them into a book. It is my way to give back to my readers and to all the lovely people who inspire me to be better.

The Fashshot Studio - Leon Bailey-Green has always been really supportive of my videos and pushing me to do more. He contacted me to be the presenter of the Fashshot Studio, so I went for a screen test and you know the rest!

How do you decide what to blog about?

I blog about whatever goes through my head when I sit down to write in the morning!

Your red hair has become your trademark would you ever change it?

I have only had red hair since September, so I don’t know if it really is my trademark, but I am definitely keeping it for now. Sometimes I miss my black hair, but it is fun to try something different! I treat my hair like an accessory, so I change it a lot.

Some people believe all good personalities are recognisable by their shadows, could you draw what yours looks like….

I can’t draw to save my life, so I guess I can’t really, sorry! My personality is pretty awesome though, thanks for asking :).

Have you always been in fashion? What did you study at university?

I have an MA in Film Studies, so nothing to do with fashion. I worked as a videogames journalist and editor after I graduated. I had my own magazine (launched with a friend) for a while, and I worked a lot on creating a link between fashion and games. I have always had a strong interest in personal style, not so much for fashion.

You are now based in London, is this your ideal location? If you could would you choose to be somewhere else in the world?

I love London, it is very dynamic and creative. Very different from Paris. I would love to live in Los Angeles or Stockholm. Both these cities had a huge impact on me and left me wanting more. I feel like once you have moved countries once, there is no point in going back to your home town (Paris for me), so if I move again, I will probably try one of my dream cities!

What events in fashion in 2009 have been the most memorable for you?

I am not sure, I actually don’t pay that much attention to Fashion, oddly enough. I am very much focused on my little bubble. Of course, both fashion weeks were fun/hectic/exhausting but it is just work. I think the one event that really touched me was the end of Luella. She has been one of my favourite designers for years and it really is the end of an era.

Who would you most like to work with in fashion? why? what would you do with them?

I’d love to work with Terry Richardson, or David Hamilton. I’d like to see how they work.

In order what are your favorite places to eat, sleep and play in London?

Eat - Ciao Bella on Lambs Conduit Street. It is an old school Italian restaurant with pastel coloured walls and photos of classic Hollywood stars on the wall. They give GIANT lumps of parmesan as well which is always a winner.

Sleep - My bed. I am like an old lady, if I am home, I will jump in my jammies after dinner and hang out in bed, even if I don’t fall asleep very early.

Play - I am a bit over going out at the moment, but if I do go out, I love Hot Breath Karaoke, the Bethnal Green Working Men’s club.

What can we expect to see next from Mademoiselle Robot?

A lady never tells… Well I can say a little I suppose: there will be more outfit posts, more tutorials and more of what I did earlier on the blog (tips, longer articles etc). Also, I am going to start working on my second book and I have another book project with a friend (about vintage). A little birdie told me 2010 is going to be an amazing year!

Finally if you could be anyone in the world and have any job what and who would it be?

I would be me and have my job! I love my life, my friends, my family, my job and who I am. It took me a while to get to this conclusion, but it feels amazing.

You can reach Mademoiselle Robot here…


Today is a busy day, I am packing, seeing, doing and writing lots, my first mini article has gone up on StyelCartel this morning! here is the link for those of you who wish to read…

I also have something exciting coming up on the blog will hopefully have it up in the next few days! keep your eyes peeled!

illustration by Susan Keys (fellow Sketchbook co-worker) you can see her work here

Its cold, London has had spots of snow here and there, christmas is in a week, and everyone is on a chrismas shopping bonanza marathon out on the streets of the city, but heres some things you didnt know…

I had a dealine for uni on Friday which was just rubbish but anyway- I’m still here!- then at 3:30 I went to meet the lovely Style Cartel, she is the lady behind the up and coming fashion blog aka ‘A Consortium of Independent Trend Spotters’ 

consisting of different bloggers from around the globe, such as Paris, Stylecartel has hired me..Make Lemonade, to be one of the contributing bloggers! covering events such as London Fashion Week, new designers and events within the industry around London! all posts will be Linked back here so I will keep you all updated with the latest news and posts of my ventures with Style Cartel! You can check out the blog here

Also after a few drinks with ken’s friends last night I learnt that the Lovely York has been reading Make Lemonade but was left somewhat unsatisfied at the fact that I never published the results of the Ebay bidding war I entered for those churches shoes…if you can’t remember have a peek here.

The results were somewhat good and bad, I WON THEM yay! but once they arrived I found out they were way to big, boohoo, I am in the process of returning them :( 

But if anybody would like to purchase them send me an email at and we can sort out prices!