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London Fashion Week DAY 3

Outfit: Vintage Lanvin Cardigan, Make Lemonade Vintage Shorts, Zara Wedges, Black Socks and Black Vest top M&S

To some, working on a Sunday would be the idea of hell. For me it usually is, but yesterday I was in total heaven! Add a pinch of London luxury at Claridges, a tad of victoria sponge cake, Alexa Chung, Laura Bailey and day 3 of London Fashion week equals the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2011 show.

(in my excitement of actually speaking to Alexa, I took a series of very blurry pictures!)

(Olivia Palermo)

The best of British lined the front row as well as Olivia Palermo, Grazia Daily, Elle Korea and lots more. I have to say alot of resting on the shoulders on the Mulberry team, after their huge success at Fashion week in Feb, it was amazing to see an even better and stronger collection than the last. Their inspiration comes from roses, (hence a man running around the lobby with a bottle of Rose perfume before the presentation) to me however it seemed a pretty and quint celebration of a more traditional and feminine shape. bold spills and folds of fabric in pinks and blue set off the edgy footwear (which both Amy and myself were drooling over). Talking of celebrations, Mulberry was not shy in the dog department! a select handful of lucky pups were sent Mulberry coats and given front row. On which note a certain celebs agent complained! naming no names!

The video below shows the final line up of all the looks as well as the images above from PicApp

London Fashion Week DAY 2

I should have posted this yesterday but I have been a bad blogger! Day 2 for me kicked off with a marathon hike and run up to the old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo station. Then after a que and a bit we were in and the models came out looking as fierce as the soundtrack sounded! I am a true lover of 70’s style, so in the Unique show I couldn’t have asked for more!

(Amy in the foreground on the way to the Topshop SS2011 show)

Big frizzy hair (which actually looked good) and tight ‘o’ shaped sunnies were two things that set off most looks. fiery reds and earthy tones mixed with flowey fabrics were what really caught my eye. I was totally in LOVE!

(Models after the show)


The Dash Empire

Its not often that bloggers get invited to jump and skip around a London rooftop in their favorite new season topshop jackets, so last week we were all quite excited to go along to the Glam HQ and do just that!

Image from

Although I was afraid it was going to be a tad cheesy, we got some great shots. The shoot was styled by the lovely Joel of The Dash Empire and photographs were taken by Adrian of Snappylifestyle.

Here are a few of the pictures, you can read the main feature on

Freak Deluxe Magazine

The Real Runway

Go to to have a look at the jackets


I just (shamefully as I admit this) had a bit of an Alexa fest over on! We all do it i know, so you can stop tutting at me!

Here are a few of my favorite looks, well its basically all of them! and you should also check out their latest beauty tutorial on animal print nails! cant wait to try it myself!


Its about time that I blog about another chapter of my European travels, this time I will share the occasion on which we stumbled upon a free fashion fair in Prague. It was here that I picked up some great vintage and an amazing hand made necklace!

Vintage Shirt bought at Daisy Vintage- Click HERE to buy

Paper Clip Necklace-Tereza Houdkova

you can see more of Tereza’s work here

The fair was called Code Mode and is a great yearly event. The space was on the edge of the river, and was small enough to enjoy the different designers work at a leisurely pace. although the fashion scene in Prague is still very young and influenced by music: a lot of what we saw was similar to Camden’s stalls, there were a few hidden gems, and vintage is defiantly at the brink of exploding onto their streets. The old town had a small store, and although it was beautifully organised I found it slightly over-priced. It wont be long, however till Prague will be wearing vintage just as much as London or Berlin!

Tuesday night was for me quite a surprisingly lovely occasion. Not only was my dear friend Amy debuting her first blogger event for Boutique by Jaeger, but I had the honor of winning the bloggers style challenge. My outfit was chosen by Creative Director Stuart Stockdale! My fellow winner of the night was StyleNoir, their look got the most votes on facebook, and lets face it it was sleek simple and used on of my favorite dresses.

Here is a few photos from the night (All images taken from the Boutique by Jaeger page)

Today I was invited down by the lovely Amy, to style the new diffusion range by Jaeger. Boutique By Jaeger is cute fun, yet still hold the sophisticated edge that we are all so fond of at its mother brand. Let me know what you think?

The collection can be viewed here


My new lust after fashion fad! circular, Yoko style sunnies! I have just orderd a beautiful pair from Rokit online (Under Gala).

Celebs from Mary-kate to Nicole Richie have been roking the trend since Chanel took out their outrageously amazing pair!

Cutler & Gross’s pale pinks are also on my wish list…

I love it when those piece’s you dream about day and night, you know the Mulberry bag you keep imagining on your arm or the Acne jeans that would just fill that gigantic hole in your wardrobe? well the pining is officially over! are on sale, and as the accessible online designer store, they have come through with some amazingly well priced pieces. Above are my picks, but check out their Facebook page for more picks from buyers and bloggers! I had so many choices but could only fit a few on a page!

To go to the sale click though here


Yesterday morning at 6:20am my alarm rang. Now I am not the morning type of person that can wake up at the crack of dawn, befoe the birds have risen and be as chripy as can be, but yestrday was a different case. I was off to Brighton for the Frock Me vintage fashion fair!

make-up bag in one hand a thermos in the other (There was no way I was ready to put any sort of make-up on that early, and the coffee is a given!), we clambered in to the car, vintage, rails and props safely stored in the boot and started driving to the sea side!

We arrived at the Corn Exchange to all sorts of vintage dealers from around the UK. I was slightly overwhlemed at how professional everyone else was compared to me, but hey I was there now and Make Lemonade was ready for its Brighton debut! The venue was absolutley perfect, a dusky pink ballroom with amazing windows and mirrors. I was set up within half an hour and nothing was left to do but sit and wait for the punters!

Having been so well organised there was a bit of time before the doors opend to the public, so I decided to venture off and see what others had brought along. The things that inspired me the most was the creativity I found when it came to displaying spaces. Stall holders really went all out, with lamps, hat stands and fabrics, it all looked amazing! Eventually the doors opend and it was time to see whether brighton would like Make Lemonade just as much as London does?

Well I can reveal that we had an amazing response to the brand and the clothes, prices were again extremely reasonable in comparison to fellow vintage sellers and I found that people were really eager to find out about the brand. It did help that the boyfriend was kind enough to design mini leaflets using Briony Bloggs’ illustration (for our t-shirt collaboration) we had an intro to the brand and a free Lemonade recipe which I shall post up for you all also!

Overall Make Lemonade had a great day and my little stall did me proud! If you would like to come to the next Make Lemonade event, then you are in luck, I will have a stall at this coming Sunday’s Primrose Hill Vintage Fashion Fair at Cecil Sharp House go to for more info!


Since the weather has warmed up (and apologies here, for my stereotypical English opening of talking about the weather) I have found that shorts are my new best friend! Whilst out today my lovely Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress was flying about everywhere, and the thought of everyone around the picadilly circus area seeig my underwear was not the most appealing idea!

Yes shorts are the answer, practical and of late highly fashionable! with Erdem and daisy chain prints all over the high street I am slightly spoilt for choice! so here are my favorites so far! if you have any do let me know!

Top Left: Topshop Top Right: Topshop

Bottom Left: Topshop Bottom Right: My-wardrobe


it sounds odd, but looking at a combintion of pen, pencil or paint on some paper can spark some of the most inspiraing thoughts, and most importantly in fashion..outfit combinations!

Yes I am one of the many gazzillion fashion illustration fans, with the rise of the illustrator in the last year or so, I am caught delving into blogs and books covered in fashion illustration! Today I wanted to share with you the work of Krisatomic, I have featured the work before (The Miu Miu piece) but here are some others that I just love. I plan to cover my walls with them all!


(In the picture: Blazer: by Malene Birger available at my-wardrobe, Jeans: Silence & Noise at Urban Outfitters, Suede Heels: Topshop)

Its not often I fall in love with a glossy, high shine, designer blazer, but this must be the week for it, as I can not bring my self to leave this little beauty in my wardrobe! it is by Malene Birger,  and is an absolutely gorgeous spring/summer 2010 piece. This jacket is the ideal outer layer for sailor chic. Now… I am well aware that I don’t live by the sea and my summer accessories do not comprise of a yacht and boat shoes, but I can’t help but feel I could be in St. Tropez whilst traipsing around Soho in this jacket. so far I have ventured out with dark blue skinny jeans, flat black bally shoes, a grey scarf and vest top to match. The new Topshop mink nail colour has also gone down a treat with it, I just don’t think I will be able to gather enough inspiration to change my outfit over the next few days!




I love the fact that even after a long day in the library I can walk outside and the sun is still shining! especially if you have somewhere to go for the evening. It just makes your journey that little bit more pleasant, plus the super cool sunglasses I got from Topshop get worn that bit longer!

Last night the ladies from Purple PR invited Amy and myself down for the press launch of Nail Girls’ spring summer collection. I wont lie I hadn’t heard of this nail boutique before as its tucked away on Cross Street ( a turning just off upper st) anyway we ventured down into the cosy little shop - I also spotted on the way a mustard colourd shop which was UNOCCUPIED, Make Lemonade vintage store here I come!- As we walked into Nail Girls we were welcomed by wine, cheesy sticks which were a nice change to cupcakes might I add. There was a back-garden to sit and chat with candles and more nibbles, I felt like I had stepped into a friends house!

The brand was founded by two sisters Lynda-Louise and Joanna Burrel, having worked with fashion styling in New York and London, the girls have a unique approach to coming up with a small collection of colours for each season. the Spring Summer range was mainly inspired by Burberry’s golden trench and Christopher Kane’s gingam dresses.

(Lynda-Louise & Joanna)

I know we were totally inspired by the range and were impressed at how well the colours held their own, rather than blending into the background as another accessory. We had the chance to get our nails painted mine are a teal and Amy had the Christopher Kane denim blue.

The colours are available to buy for £10 each, online at or you can pop in for a manicure at:

50 Cross Street, Islington, N1 2BA