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This will be everywhere by now, but I felt it right to do a small piece on the final collection McQueen designed.

As I sat in a coffee shop on the second day of London fashion week between shows, I had just seen Koma and was off to Derek Lawlor after, but I had stopped off with with fellow blogger Victoria Atchinson, to get a quick coffee and rest my feet. after Victoria left I was left sitting, eavs dropping as you do, and was lucky or unlucky enough (not really sure which one) to overhear a McQueen employee discussing the companies plans for their alloted time at Paris fashion week, she explained that the catwalk would be cancelled and replcaed by a presentation. I remember feeling relieved that they had chosen to honour his last designs with some sort of event.

Needless to say even in times of sadness and darkness, McQueen created what seems to be a beautiful collection, with his signature bold shapes and embellishment. I cant say it enough, but its such a shame, that someone so talented and influencial was lost at such an early stage of his life.…

As you know from my previous post I spent the evening at a ceilidh, we danced and dosey-doed and towards the end of the night, once the effects of alcohol had well and truley set in, we got down to discussing the important issue that it Style vs Fashion.

I being a total Sartorialist geek, decided to back up my thoughts with Scott’s philisophy about clothing, and the concept behind his pictures…for those of you who flick through street style blogs, you will know that most of them contain pictures of men and women who are clad in the latest shoes, dresses,coats, bags etc.. yet the Sart likes to take pictures of those few who take the definition of dressing to its ultimate level. That is, wearing their clothes rather than letting their clothes wear them. Rather than walking around like giant coat hangers, Scott shows the few who genuinaly have confidence and an individual style.

In my opinion the key to achieving this confidence and ease of dressing in life, is to follow your gut, wear what you think looks good not what the Elle editorial thinks. Taking inspiration from magazines and in store mannequins is great, but in my experience, trying on everything and anything you fancy, is the perfect way to learn what suits you and what doesn’t, leading to the discovery of your own style all by yourself!

Someone very close to me has a famous quote..”mmm no I don’t think its my style” I think this is one of the worst combination’s of words ever!

Point 1- Who says its not your style, that is something you determine yourself!

Point 2- Everyone has the right to dress exactly how they like regardless of age or gender, If you wear it with total confidence then you probably look goddamn brilliant!

Point 3- Being closed minded when it comes to dressing is never going to help your own personal style, being stylish and timeless means moving with the times, be open to new ideas!

I hope my ‘preaching’ hasn’t bored you all to death, would be great to get some feedback on what you all think?…..

"Style is primarily a matter of Instinct"-Fashion Week NYC (via twitter)

Tomorrow at 10am I will spend 2 hours in one of the most confusing, fun, exciting places ever! the Hairdresser! wohoooo I will be visiting Pimps and Pinups just behind Spitalfields market, the lovely lady above is the main culprit who will be in charge of re-creating my bored locks. I am thinking a lighter more sun kissed look, apparently everyone has it! but hey-ho its what I have had most of my life, and the chocolate brown I had put in before Christmas, has well according to the lovely Annie gone red :( hmm not the best colour for me I’m afraid anywho I will let you all know how it goes.

The Pimps and Pinups website is also worth a look at, its where I got the picture from! there is one in London and one in New York!


Having grown up with one of the cult classics, and enjoying it for as long as I have, I now find myself being influenced by Trotters good old adventures as a wheeler and dealer. The Make Lemonade SHOP has done me proud folks, and now I am looking forward to the future of my mini vintage project. First however I will have to iron out one major problem…keeping the clothes for myself! its a bad, bad habit, and at this rate, it wont make me a very successful entrepreneur! So maybe I shouldnt take too many tips from Del Boy, and look more toward Mr Sugar!

Its that time again folks, Make Lemonade has been working hard to bring to your screens some interesting and fun interviews. This month we have Shini of fashion/life blog Park & Cube. Now I discovered it early last year, and was instantly hooked. Shini is original, her blog posts and site is not only well designed (she is a CSM graphic design student) but her posts are interesting and totally unique to her.

Here she spills about her life as a student in London and her World War obsession?! (Also Shini if you are reading, I would love for us to make some lemonade!)

You are currently…… (drinking/eating/sleeping/wearing etc..)

Eating… cream crackers with cream cheese and sweet & sour sauce, one of many guilty pleasures in life that frequently replace one of the major meals of the day. This one being dinner.

Park and Cube has been followed by Make Lemonade for some time now, and it is obvious to see it is somewhat different to the usual blogs we see, what was the catalyst behind it? was it for work or pleasure?

First, thank you Make Lemonade! Let’s make some lemonade together soon, yes? (sorry.) Park & Cube is ALL for pleasure. It pleases me greatly and I’m satisfied with it so I don’t beat it when the soup is salty. No, the blog is a hobby for me, another reason that I ban advertisements on the face of the blog, or refuse to review a product irrelevant to the blog or my interests for compensation. I think the fact that my future is not hanging by it success or failure makes it more fun than anything.

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Your in the warmth of your bed covers, the pillow under your head couldnt be softer at this point its like a marshmellow the sweet softness of it pulls you in further..BUZZ BUZZZ, WTF now! its my phone, oh look its an email from L’oreal brandstorm our competition submission is missing… take time to readjust the eyes…. WHAT! its ok you have the screen shot of the confirmation page it’ll be fine, but hey your pillow has gone cold and the cat is now meowing incessantly at your door. Time to get up I guess.

After that wake up call I am now gathering myself to go to the lcf library to do a whole load of photocopying, but first your day must be started with a cup of tea, a croissant, and a whole load of bloglovin’ so that is what I am doing. I have flicked through a collboration with Nicholas Kirkwood and Liberty’s, some pictures of Alexa- nothing new there, the Olsen’s, some very well groomed men on Jak & Jil, you can always rely on Tommy Ton to bring you the best! and finally ‘because I’m addicted’ blog is offering up fur in Paris. This takes me back to another crisis…back to Christmas time, my mum took out her old fur jacket, well not really old, its never been worn, and says I can have it. I instantly fall in love I am nervous to wear it out but after several sessions in front of the mirror twisting and turning, I decided to twist and turn out the front door.

Now this is where my fairytale goes terribly wrong, I get dirty looks on the bus, and finally it all ends with an attack at Kings Cross station, she is an older lady - wearing a long leather jacket might I add- who decided to scream at me for being too much of a bitch to bloody understand whats wrong, now…

1) I AM NOT RICH, this is my mum’s, I live off a student loan, which by now has shrivelled down to £0.


Anyway the whole event left a rather bad taste in my mouth until today when I saw the fashion pack in their lovely fur in Paris, which made me think.. yes the killing of animals for fur is wrong but if you are wearing a hand-me-down then whats wrong, its not creating a new demand, and its better then letting it waste away in the wardrobe. But anyway everyone will have their own opinions, I just fancied a big ole’ rant!

I feel a bit stupid leaving this blog post late, but as people say ‘better late than never’

Most docu-films are, well now there’s a list; boring, stale, sterile, boring- you get the point. Its rare to see a film however that marks the story of such an amazing journey these four guys took together. Blur as we all know was part of our teen lives one way or another, i think its pretty safe to say we all know and love at least one of their songs. last year at Glastonbury I felt so lucky to be at their biggest re-union performance yet, the fact that Damien cried towards the end of singing Tender just topped it off on the ‘one of my best experiences’ chart.

We booked the tickets the day before gripped to the edge of our seats by the thought that maybe every cinema would be like Camden and SOLD OUT was the only answer we would get from the Odeon site. However Kensignton proved worthy and we managed to get seats for the only showing London had.

The film is directed by Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, who create nothing less than a love story, and an intimate ride through the bands life. exploring their stint under the ‘Britpop’ banner Will and Dylan manage to make a film about the band rather than their much despised Britpop title. A big thumbs-up from Make Lemonade!


Meet Mademoiselle Robot, she is a journalist/editor who not only runs a cosy home life with her daughter but has a busy time with her style blog. MR spreads tips and hints on beauty and style to women from around the globe, She is originally from Paris, but is now living in London, adding a hint of Parisian chic to everything she does, here she tells Make Lemonade about Parmesan cheese and her new projects for 2010…

You are a lady of many talents; you have written a book and are filming for the Fashshot Studio, tell us a bit about these projects. What inspired the book? How did you get into the Liv Tv project?

The book - I wanted to do something meaningful to celebrate 2 years of my blog, so I decided to put together some of the interviews I had done and compile them into a book. It is my way to give back to my readers and to all the lovely people who inspire me to be better.

The Fashshot Studio - Leon Bailey-Green has always been really supportive of my videos and pushing me to do more. He contacted me to be the presenter of the Fashshot Studio, so I went for a screen test and you know the rest!

How do you decide what to blog about?

I blog about whatever goes through my head when I sit down to write in the morning!

Your red hair has become your trademark would you ever change it?

I have only had red hair since September, so I don’t know if it really is my trademark, but I am definitely keeping it for now. Sometimes I miss my black hair, but it is fun to try something different! I treat my hair like an accessory, so I change it a lot.

Some people believe all good personalities are recognisable by their shadows, could you draw what yours looks like….

I can’t draw to save my life, so I guess I can’t really, sorry! My personality is pretty awesome though, thanks for asking :).

Have you always been in fashion? What did you study at university?

I have an MA in Film Studies, so nothing to do with fashion. I worked as a videogames journalist and editor after I graduated. I had my own magazine (launched with a friend) for a while, and I worked a lot on creating a link between fashion and games. I have always had a strong interest in personal style, not so much for fashion.

You are now based in London, is this your ideal location? If you could would you choose to be somewhere else in the world?

I love London, it is very dynamic and creative. Very different from Paris. I would love to live in Los Angeles or Stockholm. Both these cities had a huge impact on me and left me wanting more. I feel like once you have moved countries once, there is no point in going back to your home town (Paris for me), so if I move again, I will probably try one of my dream cities!

What events in fashion in 2009 have been the most memorable for you?

I am not sure, I actually don’t pay that much attention to Fashion, oddly enough. I am very much focused on my little bubble. Of course, both fashion weeks were fun/hectic/exhausting but it is just work. I think the one event that really touched me was the end of Luella. She has been one of my favourite designers for years and it really is the end of an era.

Who would you most like to work with in fashion? why? what would you do with them?

I’d love to work with Terry Richardson, or David Hamilton. I’d like to see how they work.

In order what are your favorite places to eat, sleep and play in London?

Eat - Ciao Bella on Lambs Conduit Street. It is an old school Italian restaurant with pastel coloured walls and photos of classic Hollywood stars on the wall. They give GIANT lumps of parmesan as well which is always a winner.

Sleep - My bed. I am like an old lady, if I am home, I will jump in my jammies after dinner and hang out in bed, even if I don’t fall asleep very early.

Play - I am a bit over going out at the moment, but if I do go out, I love Hot Breath Karaoke, the Bethnal Green Working Men’s club.

What can we expect to see next from Mademoiselle Robot?

A lady never tells… Well I can say a little I suppose: there will be more outfit posts, more tutorials and more of what I did earlier on the blog (tips, longer articles etc). Also, I am going to start working on my second book and I have another book project with a friend (about vintage). A little birdie told me 2010 is going to be an amazing year!

Finally if you could be anyone in the world and have any job what and who would it be?

I would be me and have my job! I love my life, my friends, my family, my job and who I am. It took me a while to get to this conclusion, but it feels amazing.

You can reach Mademoiselle Robot here…


Daul Kim

This is my last post of the day..although its 12:24 so technically my first post of the day (I’ve been posting like a mo*fo tonight) but anyway I think this is a well placed piece to end the day with, its something to think about anyway…the thing that came to my mind is how worth it, is it all?

Read a news report on her death here, can’t believe it, its so sad..the possibility that she committed suicide is even more upsetting to think that someone so talented and with such a bright future would feel like that, Daul’s blog is worth looking at…I LIKE TO FORK MYSELF I am hoping the title had nothing to do with the way she was feeling, the scarey thing is there is a post dated from the 18th, which made my hair stand on end, how quickly life just ends. RIP Daul our thoughts are with you

Make Lemonade x