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Last week I was lucky enough to visit the new Levi’s flagship store on Regents St. Admittedly I didnt go with any pre-conceptions or prior research, so what we found was of great suprise and slightly refreshing! 

 The store launched with a new selling point and message in mind. Step in through the large glass doors and you are welcomed by an exhibition type space, showcasing some of London’s youngest and most up-and-coming talent, from mucisians to designers, its an interesting browse around the “craftworkers” stories and work, puts you in quite an inspried mood to take in the rest of the store!

Through wooden shutter type doors you then come to the actual store, unlike many stores around Oxford Circus and Regents St, it isn’t filled to the brim with product. a less ‘in your face’ approach has been taken to enable customers to browse outfit types and denim styles in their own time. a more traditional take on the furnishings and stands, come from factories and industrial environments, some parts take inspiration from aviation and pharmaceutical carriers. 

Levi’s has made conscious effort to educate its consumers about their history and with indigo dye in glass cases and a rare vintage finds, that is their 100 year old jeans on display, you get a feeling of progression and strength in identity from the brand.

I saw a few on trend pieces in the ladies section including the much desired denim shirt with a twist for this season, I may have to pay it another visit now that its is open to buy!

Levi’s® re-crafted store details: 
Address: 174-176 Regent St, London W1F 7BH
Phone: 020 7292 2500

As some of you may know, a long long time ago, before the dawn of day I used to make vintage shirts into skirts! they were called and although had a prosperous and successful life, it was short!

Well in celebration of the Arts Market ML launch and after much persuasion from A Winsome Smile and a few others, I have decided to make a small batch of the skirt as Limited Editions each are unique and individual and will be sold at £10 each, which is pretty good considering they used to sell at £15-20.

There is now one on the SHOP’s site and we will have a few at the market but once they have sold that will be it…well perhaps until our first birthday or something that calls for celebration!



To read the full article I wrote at StyleCartel, click HERE its only short!


Derek Lawlor is a Knitwear designer who has an amazing talent for turning cord into wondrous pieces of edgy and bold knit for women, he has over the last year also become a friend. As well has preparing Make Lemonade for London Fashion Week, which by the way is so so soon, I am beginning to get nervous! I am also helping Derek with the press to accompany his show. I will keep you all posted on our progress! But for now here is a picture from one of his new shoots. Its re-freshing to his the collection in a more colourful light!

Visit Derek’s site here:

busy busy vintage beee

Hey folks, I have been busy sourcing cheap good quality vintage for the Make Lemonade readers and I have succeeded! here is the site: and the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

Thanks Guys

Hope you enjoy!

Make Lemonade x

Hey people, how has 2010 been treating you all so far? I got back from Aberdeen last night had a great time away except woke up this morning with a sore throat and runny nose, which is irritating as had a brunch arranged this morning with the lovely ‘awinsomesmile’ you can read her blog here. So have had to re-arrange, but I will be good and recover today, have a few pictures of the holiday so I will get those sorted and up soon also!


Today is a busy day, I am packing, seeing, doing and writing lots, my first mini article has gone up on StyelCartel this morning! here is the link for those of you who wish to read…

I also have something exciting coming up on the blog will hopefully have it up in the next few days! keep your eyes peeled!

illustration by Susan Keys (fellow Sketchbook co-worker) you can see her work here

Its cold, London has had spots of snow here and there, christmas is in a week, and everyone is on a chrismas shopping bonanza marathon out on the streets of the city, but heres some things you didnt know…

I had a dealine for uni on Friday which was just rubbish but anyway- I’m still here!- then at 3:30 I went to meet the lovely Style Cartel, she is the lady behind the up and coming fashion blog aka ‘A Consortium of Independent Trend Spotters’ 

consisting of different bloggers from around the globe, such as Paris, Stylecartel has hired me..Make Lemonade, to be one of the contributing bloggers! covering events such as London Fashion Week, new designers and events within the industry around London! all posts will be Linked back here so I will keep you all updated with the latest news and posts of my ventures with Style Cartel! You can check out the blog here

Also after a few drinks with ken’s friends last night I learnt that the Lovely York has been reading Make Lemonade but was left somewhat unsatisfied at the fact that I never published the results of the Ebay bidding war I entered for those churches shoes…if you can’t remember have a peek here.

The results were somewhat good and bad, I WON THEM yay! but once they arrived I found out they were way to big, boohoo, I am in the process of returning them :( 

But if anybody would like to purchase them send me an email at and we can sort out prices! 


I don’t think I could love these outfits more even if I tired! they are by the french make Carven which has just recently been re-launched, check out their site here…

For those of you that already read the major fashion blog: Style Bubble you may have seen her post about new designer Charlotte Taylor. If you haven’t go look at it now! :)

Its the kind of post that for me rarely happens, as in it moves me to want to take action on what I have just seen, soooo many blogs just post day to day pictures, comments.. and I mean basically that what i do here! but as Gala Gonzalez put it in my interview with her.. "its better to post little and something good, than to post rubbish everyday" I think we all have something to learn there!

Anyway, this certain post Susie put up is great, it not really written by her, she has only put up a small intro, but the main body of text and pictures are from new designer’s Charlotte Taylor’s blog. The blog is the very beginning stages of this designers journey to presenting her collection at LFW 2010, for me personally this is such an amazing journey to share with people, if you are someone who aspires to be in the fashion world but doesn’t have a foot in the door yet, then this blog is the place to go and see, Charlotte talks and shares all elements of her life as a new designer, her mentors/ inspiration/family/friends/studio space etc… and for those of us who are in the fashion world whether it be writing, selling, buying,designing, Charlotte gives a fresh insight into a world which can often overtake you and swallow you whole! Its also quite interesting for those of who may not have an interest in fashion or don’t totally understand what all the hype is about.. it will give you a totally new take on the industry I promise!!!

so here are the links:

Style Bubble

Charlotte Taylor


On satrday, apart from the terrible rain ad biting cold, I was at brick Lane with the lovely Jo check out her blog here..Choi San) I was there foe the magazine checking out all the different pop-up stores and markets that have arrived in time for xmas!

here are some of our pictures.. the tour started at The Cube Store and then went on to the Backyard Market and some Tea Rooms, we then diverged into shopping at the Hidden Art Fair and making glittery things on one of the coolest stools I have ever seen.. soon to be made into a bar/shop/making station in Kings Cross, (will keep you posted on this!)


Daul Kim

This is my last post of the day..although its 12:24 so technically my first post of the day (I’ve been posting like a mo*fo tonight) but anyway I think this is a well placed piece to end the day with, its something to think about anyway…the thing that came to my mind is how worth it, is it all?

Read a news report on her death here, can’t believe it, its so sad..the possibility that she committed suicide is even more upsetting to think that someone so talented and with such a bright future would feel like that, Daul’s blog is worth looking at…I LIKE TO FORK MYSELF I am hoping the title had nothing to do with the way she was feeling, the scarey thing is there is a post dated from the 18th, which made my hair stand on end, how quickly life just ends. RIP Daul our thoughts are with you

Make Lemonade x

Make Lemonade has moved!

Hey guys, blogspot was well, running out of options for me and tumblr just seemed to have it all (for now anyway) so I decided to move! hope you still enjoy!